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Hello. I'm a female character on Earth whose IGN is Seah En Qi. She is constantly in a game called life. Created at 3rd January 1996. Currently level 13 and is in a guild called Beatty Secondary School. She loves her guildmates and also her ex guildmates who were from farrer Park Primary where she spent training from level 7 to 12. Loves volleyball to the max! Loves Bigbang and Paramore! Spends most of her time infront of a NPC called Compaq Presario and godknows what model.

    Better volleyball skills! A*'s for ALL SUBJECTS
    Meet Big Bang!!
    G-dragon's heartbreaker!
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    Posted on : Tuesday, March 30, 2010 @ 6:07 AM


    Seeya there! (:

    Posted on : Friday, March 19, 2010 @ 8:44 AM

    You needn't relive anything that brings you pain. Tell those who would lead you down a rocky path that you'll have none of it.

    You know something? Just shut your gap please.

    And yay I'm gna blog now cause some people told me to (: Mustn't disappoint them anymore la. Seriously.
    OK volleyball camp was... All right? The most " fun " part would be the amazing race bah. Bond with sec 1s. The at night talktalktalktalktalk =/.. But somehow, after the senior came and was like there for a longlonglonglonglonglonglong time I started to find myself falling asleep! Hahas :D

    P.s: The nightwalk was scary. T_T

    Okay I had to go for councillor's training before the camp ended. Let's not elaborate.
    Well and then today I had to wake up early in the morning (ohthehorror) to go for the training again but it was fun la. Personally. =x *Confused shooter*

    Came back with all my energy drained from me T_T Fell asleep soon enough and by the time I woke up,

    I found myself alone in the house.

    Ok nvm. I'm more scared of darkness.
    Well then then came to facebook and ta-da! I got smexposed by the pictures I got tagged in again T_T Zzzz. Lazy untag all liao la!

    On another note, I feel like webcamming with... Again.. ): I miss the excitement and thrill! T_T

    Also, I wanna change to tumblr T_T But so far, none of my classmates or anything are using it ): Tumblr's like so cool la. ): ): ): ):

    I guess sometimes there are things that we will never be able to confide in anyone; and sometimes, maybe just keeping it in will suffice; for when you say it, people would never get you, and their opinion of you..Changes. Well, that's what happened to me. I can never think of you the same way as I did before.

    So, just shut the hell up and stop making me remember the torture I went through. Please.

    title: Update!
    Posted on : Friday, March 5, 2010 @ 5:06 AM

    Okay, so after I saw Charlotte's tag I have decided to break my 2 month old record of no posting! Lets aim for 6 months yeah :D

    Well.. Hmm. Went to watch Alice In the Wonderland at the Cathay and it was so friggin cold I was literally thinking of ways to make myself warmer throughout the whole movie.
    Johnny Depp FTW (:

    And now.... dangdangdangdang! I failed geog + hist (humanities; who gives a shit) and I guess literature too.

    Singtel sucks I swear. The intermittent connection is driving me NUTS. Starhub's getting another customer soon :D But oh well. This is probably due to my horoscope forecast T_T... It says that what, electronics will die on me -_- Well it did. And the most disturbing part was that it said that this energy (supposedly anger, like duh.) would affect ppl (which I dont see much difference) and they told me to sequester myself. Aka, isolate yourself. ZZZ I DONT CARE -____________-

    Talk about coincidences. I was searching through my best friend and I stumbled onto this particular blog which really caught my eye.. I remember the posts were about this guy's travel around the world but what really interest me was the....


    I swear the songs have such a diverse variety I dont know where to start T_T It made me rmb the drama Stairway to Heaven and also 1 litre of tears omfg. I was like reminiscing the whole time until the internet got cut off again ( eff chiu stinknet -_- )

    But well the days w/o internet was not really at all agonizing. Sure it was during the first few days.. But after that.. I realized I always came online to
    1. MSN.
    2. Facebook.
    3. Read blogs
    4. repeat this whole vicious cycle again and again and again and again and AGAIN

    So what's the whole damned point -_-

    Posted on : Friday, January 22, 2010 @ 9:10 AM

    Yay! School reopen for like, 3 weeks?
    K lah i know i nvr post for damn long T_T
    I got the time (lots of it), but meh, lazy =x


    0/8 for map scales.
    FML T_T

    but. all careless HAHAHA. LSP quite fun sia. Ms lee! Can ask tuition homework /heh next time if lsp ask again since mrs ang notch there! /heh

    Then. Class deco. Mr ang havent print the headings... And when he did, we'd rather he didnt. lols.

    I love school man! The friends ^^! Made alot of new ones. Like. You know. People i dont really know last time heheh. Fun! ^^
    Then now the subjects damn smexciting i tiao u. Chem, maths, whatever. nice!
    The teachers, other than ________ quite nice also! Though i dunno why these few days all also cock up.

    Then then then then hmmmmmmmmmm.... I am like so totally into jap and chinese songs. totally cut off from the english world =/ OMG May'n's nice lah. LOL I remembered I cried while listening to it when i was going to sleep. imagine the power !

    Okay I love my Bijou 3 and fiio amp omg omg omg (L) I love the bass omg. Damn clear and nice. worth the 70 bucks i guess =/

    Then then then. if cixuan ever reads this, WELCOME BACKTOOOOOO! ;D!

    SEE. tiao u all riao. dunno huat to post lah. now this post so damn incoherent ):
    tml, sun all tuition!
    but.. moi plan to shop after that HEHEH! Buy that rubber band omg omg omg.
    Indices rocks!

    You stare at your physical body in the mirror and ask yourself... Who are you?
    I want to get out of this shell fast. This shell which... I hate. I dont know wtf is wrong with me these few days like seriously. Zzzz. Getting all philosophical and all. -_-

    title: 2010 ftw.
    Posted on : Friday, January 1, 2010 @ 7:48 AM

    Yay! 2010 has come! The number 3!!

    But nothing out seems to be working out for me. Currently.
    1st day of January 2010 and I'm experiencing shit. Like seriously. SHIT. All kinds of damned bad news.
    My maid is leaving ):
    Okay. it may sound a little minor to you but... She worked for me for 4 years. Understand the bond here is between us? No one can replace it. Its not just a mere maid and employers daughter. I dont order her around. i dont demand so much from her. I treat her like another family member.
    Hence, it's like a family member leaving me.
    I cannot stand it. Maybe I musnt clutch too tightly onto my relationships. Cause I wont be able to let go. i dont know. -__-.

    Anyway, Dear World, I know it's a sin to condemn your father and all, but I cannot help it. I dont understand. A person who is so self centered, a person with an erratic temper, a person who changes moods like the weather, a person with totally insane habits, a person who isnt... Like other fathers.
    You scold vulgars. You think I cant do that too? "They'll also learn it somewhere else eventually." Yeah I did. I chose not to use it.
    Its called self discipline please.

    Enough about him. -.- I'll probably erase that whole chunk of rant when I feel better. I dont want to rant on others... Though I did. To some.

    School's reopening.
    The teachers are all the same.
    Which indirectly also means, nothing much will change.
    And how was last year?

    A disaster.

    I guess you pretty much understand what I mean.
    i'm starting to lament everything in my life. Everything. There's so little to enjoy, yet so much to get upset over. It's stupid. Now im welcoming 2012. Come sooner yeah.

    I am starting to hate Beatty. Like seriously.
    They dont even take the effort to stream us. The teachers suck.

    Okay yay Im going back to copy newspaper articles. And i did that right after I realized Mr Ang's gna be our english teacher. I think i have to depend on myself.. Again. Maths also. Science idk, idc. Geog, nah. Hist? Nah. I cant care less. Why? The teachers are already demanding enough.

    Ok yay. In conclusion. 2009 is a damn eventful year. (which year isnt?)
    All kinds of changes. Big changes. Small ones.
    Most importantly, my perspective of everything changed. So did my values. My principles.

    The world isnt something to be reckoned with.
    A dog eat dog place.

    Posted on : Monday, December 21, 2009 @ 10:49 PM

    Went cycling with Ms Yang, Cixuan and Melissa! :D:D:D!
    Its so damn fun la. Esp after u have learnt cycling~ Love the breeze la. Took single bike. Tried to cycle with cixuan in double bike but cannot lor LOL.
    Anyway. Had volleyball before the outing. Walao muscle acheacheacheache.

    Anyway, I took a damn nice pic.

    The sky so nice la.
    Then I huan group photo. Cixuan dun wan D: Then dun have -_-

    Anyway. Before yesterday. Went out with Melissa and Adeline to err... Spend the 10 bucks the school gave us :D Ate sushi :D:D
    From carrefour.

    Then took neos. Damn sian la. THEY TOOK AN HOUR TO DECORATE 4 TINY PHOTOS ROFLMAO.
    Zzzz. I want go back Tampines again, zzz...

    My sis got into xinmin. Its like so wtf?! But normal acad. Nevermind. At least not come to Beatty. If she ever did my life would be turned upside down with that asshole.
    YES. ASSHOLE. I dont know what the shit is wrong with her sometimes. Really damn irritating I swear.

    And some pics we took secretly in the booth. Not allowed wor. But we dun care :D

    Gahh. I saw my dad with this super old book. And the title went...
    Palmistry, Numerology, Astrology.

    OHMYGOD LAH. Even my dad likes these things. Must be in the blood. Anyway. I went to read it. And found out that what goes on in the internet is a whole lot of a different story in the book lor. Zzzz. And the description of everything is super accurate la. FOr example, the day that u were born hor, u will prolly keep noticing it in your lives. My reportbook got no. 3 sia!

    Anyway. To end this post.

    I have quit maple.

    title: FML
    Posted on : Wednesday, December 9, 2009 @ 5:05 AM

    Wtf. One of this effed up moodswings again >.>
    Anyway. Life is stupid without my grandmother. Sleeping at 3am. Waking up at 1pm. Stupid. I need a human alarm. Fast. Now. I need to change my habits man. -___-.

    Its so stupid. At one second. You get angry over the most little things. Then you vent your anger on something (my blog for example) like nobody's business. And then as time passes by, you realize how stupid you were to say that and you wna take it back but the effing courage is nowhere to be seen and used. FML yeah.

    Anyway. Today got spring cleaning. Wtf. zzz. Another fooked up idea by my father. Zzz. Nothing to do? DONT MAPLE. SPRING CLEAN. Wtf. I think if i went to recycle the trash I found there's no need for Copenhagen. Like seriously. But. I found something of value. A P1 compo by me ^^. Rated 1/10 for language but 11/10 for entertainment.

    I want volleyball la. Shuo hao today and tml have. Then so many ppl not coming D:< Zzz. Practise at home lor. >:

    Anyway. I wanna quit the internet. Yesyesyes. I probably should use Yuuko's way. But, there are things that are of so much value that I will never want to give up.



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